From Poverty to Power: Where does power lie in a fragile state like Eastern Congo? What does it mean for aid organizations?

“This is where the silos need to be broken down. Supporting Congolese, whether in or out of power, to build a new country from the current wreckage involves long term commitments, acceptance of reverses and failures, all built on a foundation of the deepest possible understanding of a complex political and social system. It is neither ‘humanitarian’ nor ‘long term …

ILO: Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), India

“Established in 1972, the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is a “movement” of self-employed women in rural and urban India…It has pioneered the empowerment of self-employed women and of women employed in informal economy enterprises…” Download the publication to find out more. Share this Post

Women in Parliaments Leadership Campaign

“The WIP Leadership Campaign mobilizes male Presidents and Prime Ministers to speak out for more Women in Parliaments and as political leaders. Over 50 male Heads of State and Government have already championed the cause of a more diverse leadership of the world…” Click the link below to find out more. Share this Post

JPAL: ‘The Impact of Women Policy Makers on Public Goods in India’ by Lori Beaman et al.

“Researchers studied the policy consequences of mandated representation of female policymakers by determining whether there was any difference in the provision of social services between male- and female-led village councils. Results suggest that reservations for female leaders affected policy decisions in ways that seemed to better reflect women’s preferences…” Click on the link below to find out more. Share this …