Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System

“Donella Meadows’ Leverage Points is a classic reference for those seeking to implement change. As she tells it, Meadows was at a conference on global trade when it occurred to her that the participants were going about everything the wrong way.” Share this Post

ODI: Understanding changing social norms and practices around girls’ education and marriage

“A multi-year, multi-country study has been exploring the complex ways in which adolescent girls’ capabilities are shaped and/or constrained by gender discriminatory social norms, attitudes and practices, and how other overlapping and intersecting experiences of poverty, deprivation and exclusion serve to intensify and perpetuate vulnerabilities…” Click on the link to find out more. Share this Post

Words and actions: lessons from Unilever’s supply chain

Five years ago, Oxfam and Unilever agreed to an unusual collaboration. Oxfam conducted a study on labour rights in Unilever’s Vietnam supply chain and operations. Liesbeth Unger founder of Human Rights@Work, and adviser and co-writer of Oxfam’s previous Unilever report asks, why did Unilever do it? How did they perform? And what can other companies seeking to improve their labour …

From Poverty to Power: Egypt – What are the drivers of change?

“When interpreting something like the Egyptian upheaval, people tend to project their own passions onto the screen. The twitterati see a social media revolution; the foodies see food price hikes at its core; others see a hunger for democratization; the human rights groups see a backlash against torture and abuse. So I thought I’d try to pull together a more …

The ‘We Can’ Campaign in South Asia

In 2004, Oxfam GB launched a six country, six year campaign – We Can End All Violence against Women (We Can Campaign) in South Asia (http://www.wecanendvaw.org/ ). The campaign aimed to reduce social acceptance of violence against women (especially domestic violence) through catalysing a process of self reflection and change in individuals which leads to changes in norms and practice …