Afrobarometer: What ails the opposition in Africa?

“Why do African voters hold opposition parties in such low esteem? Does it arise from a cultural deference to leaders or preferences for consensus-based politics…” Click on the link below to find out more. Share this Post

ODI: Doing legal empowerment differently

“This case study is part of the Overseas Development Institute’s (ODI’s) work on the politics of legal empowerment, which looks at the political economy of how poor people and their allies use the law and redress mechanisms to advance their interests…” Click on the link below to find out more. Share this Post

Devex: How to resolve land conflicts

“…Preventing and resolving land conflicts have no single solution. The Quick Guide to Land and Conflict Prevention, published by the Initiative on Quiet Diplomacy, outlines a number of approaches, including mediation…” Click the link below to find out more. Share this Post

From Poverty to Power: Egypt – What are the drivers of change?

“When interpreting something like the Egyptian upheaval, people tend to project their own passions onto the screen. The twitterati see a social media revolution; the foodies see food price hikes at its core; others see a hunger for democratization; the human rights groups see a backlash against torture and abuse. So I thought I’d try to pull together a more …

From Poverty to Power: Have the MDGs affected developing country policies and spending? Findings of new 50 country study

“One of the many baffling aspects of the post-2015/Sustainable Development Goal process is how little research there has been on the impact of their predecessor, the Millennium Development Goals. That may sound odd, given how often we hear ‘the MDGs are on/off track’ on poverty, health, education etc, but saying ‘the MDG for poverty reduction has been achieved five years …

From Poverty to Power: Can Cities build local ‘developmental states’? Some surprising good news from Colombia

“Discussions of the role of states in development, and in particular the role of the hands-on ‘developmental state’ in producing impressive Medellin_Colombiatake-offs in East Asia and elsewhere, almost exclusively focusses on the national level. But in many countries, particularly since the push for decentralization in recent decades, local and city governments play an increasingly influential role. So might we see …

From Poverty to Power: Where does power lie in a fragile state like Eastern Congo? What does it mean for aid organizations?

“This is where the silos need to be broken down. Supporting Congolese, whether in or out of power, to build a new country from the current wreckage involves long term commitments, acceptance of reverses and failures, all built on a foundation of the deepest possible understanding of a complex political and social system. It is neither ‘humanitarian’ nor ‘long term …