Afrobarometer: What ails the opposition in Africa?

“Why do African voters hold opposition parties in such low esteem? Does it arise from a cultural deference to leaders or preferences for consensus-based politics…” Click on the link below to find out more. Share this Post

ODI: Understanding changing social norms and practices around girls’ education and marriage

“A multi-year, multi-country study has been exploring the complex ways in which adolescent girls’ capabilities are shaped and/or constrained by gender discriminatory social norms, attitudes and practices, and how other overlapping and intersecting experiences of poverty, deprivation and exclusion serve to intensify and perpetuate vulnerabilities…” Click on the link to find out more. Share this Post

Devex: How to resolve land conflicts

“…Preventing and resolving land conflicts have no single solution. The Quick Guide to Land and Conflict Prevention, published by the Initiative on Quiet Diplomacy, outlines a number of approaches, including mediation…” Click the link below to find out more. Share this Post

From Poverty to Power: The Policy Funnel – a way to sharpen up our advocacy?

“Outside players (NGOs, businesses, academics etc) can influence at any stage, but they need to adapt their tactics and communications according to whereabouts in the funnel a given issue has reached. For NGOs like Oxfam, when a new idea is still in the general public debate stage, we can use our presence in developing countries to bear witness to the …