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Duncan Green’s new book How Change Happens

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New Make Change Happens online course

Oxfam and the Open University have created a free online course based on the themes in How Change Happens. Registrations are now open with the course going live on October 15, 2018.

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How can we understand the events, individuals and institutions that change the world?

How Change Happens

How Change Happens is a new book from Duncan Green which explores the major themes that make change happen in the world. Whether you are an activist, campaigner, development practitioner, lobbyist, entrepreneur, individual or an organisation, it seeks to understand how power and systems shape change, and how you can influence them.

How Change Happens is available to purchase or free to download as a digital copy.

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  • Franics
    An indispensable guide for activists and change-makers everywhere.Francis Fukuyama
  • Amartya
    This is a splendid treatise on how to change the actual world—in reality, not just in our dreams.Amartya Sen
  • Winnie
    A book that made me think differently about something I have been doing for my entire life.Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International
  • Robert
    A wonderful gift to all development professionals and citizens who want to make our world a better place… It is a landmark, a must read book to return to again and again to inform and inspire reflection and action. I know no other book like it.Robert Chambers

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duncan2About Duncan Green

Duncan Green is Oxfam GB’s Senior Strategic Adviser. He teaches on international development at the London School of Economics, where he is a Professor in Practice. His blog is one of the most widely read on international development, and is named after his previous book to How Change Happens, From Poverty to Power.

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We’re pleased to announce that there is now a free course on how change happens! Make Change Happen has been made by Oxfam and the Open University. Registrations open, and it will go live on October 15, 2018.

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